The Ultimate Portable Blender


Blend Like A Pro


5x More Powerful

BlendnGo 2.0+ is 5x more powerful than most other Portable Blenders. Containing as much power as a standard household blender BlendnGo is the ultimate portable blender

500ml Capacity

BlendnGo 2.0+ has an increased cup size of 500mls making it large enough to fit all of your favourite shakes and smoothies

Water Resistant

BlendnGo 2.0+ is also water resistant. You don't have to worry about an accidental plunge in the pool. Perfect for on the beach cocktails!

BPA Free

BlendnGo 2.0+ is made out of high quality materials that don't contain BPA or any dangerous toxins. Blend safely with BlendnGo!


BlendnGo has allowed me to continuously avail of those 1% gains that all of us strive for. Post pitch or gym sessions & especially after matches, it is so handy to have in my sports bag! Couldn't recommend it enough!

David Harte - Kampong & Ireland Hockey


I use my BlendnGo daily to make quick and easy protein shakes. As a fitness coach I am constantly on the go with clients and having this portable blender makes getting in those extra grams of protein so much easier. I highly recommend it!

Craig - Online Fitness Coach