The Future Of Blending!


While studying business in college, it was always a life time ambition of our CEO and Founder Cillian O'Malley to set up his own business. As an athlete in many sports himself he needed as much nutrition and healthy meals throughout his day as he could. He found it hard to find the time to do this in college and whilst working a part-time job. He decided to use his entrepreneurial flare to brainstorm a few ideas to help himself and many others he felt were in this same situation. 

Our Story

Cillian believed a portable blender that he could bring and use anywhere was the answer! He started to research the market and noticed that although there was a few other Portable Blenders available there was none up to his desired quality. This encouraged him to found BlendnGo so he could bring people around the world not only a convenient Portable Blender but also an extremely powerful one. No more excuses to not have time for your healthy nutritious meals and drinks! 

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Our mission

Our main goal is to provide a product for our customers that they will benefit from. Our Portable Blender is the perfect match. Our customers all over the world are benefiting hugely from our product. Making healthy, refreshing drinks has never been so easy and we are delighted to assist in making this such a convenience for people. We hope to keep expanding our business and making life that bit easier for more and more people. At the end of the day when our customers are happy we are  too!

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Designed to be convenient. Small enough to bring with you everywhere you go!

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We noticed that while there was a few Portable Blenders on the market none were near powerful enough. Thats why we designed this powerful 150W Portable Blender

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Long Lasting

Our Portable Blenders are extremely long lasting. Get 10-12 blends off a full charge. Then simply plug into any USB and charge to full again in 2-3 hours!

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