Tasty BlendnGo Recipes 

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Nutty Martini 

1. 50 ml Vodka 
2. 25 ml coffee liquer
4. 25 ml hazelnut Syrup 
5. Espresso shot
6. Ice 

Blend for 1 cycle 
Garnish with a nutty crumb 

All In One Delicious Smoothie 

1. Half chopped banana 
2. Handful of chopped strawberries
3. Handful of frozen blueberries
4. Freshly squeezed lime
5. 200 mls orange juice 
6. tsp of honey 
7. Blend for 2 cycles until smooth 

Pour, sit back and ahh enjoy!!

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Mocha Frappuccino 

1. Handful of ice 
2. Espresso shot
3. 100-200mls of preferred milk
4. 1 tsp of sugar
5. 1 tsp of chocolate syrup 
6. Blend for 1 cycle

Treat yourself you deserve it! 

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