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BlendnGo 2.0+ Portable Blender

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BlendnGo 2.0+ The Ultimate Portable Blender


BlendnGo 2.0+ will give you the freedom to bring the power of your household blender with you on the go. BlendnGo 2.0+ is equipped with + power technology which is 5x more powerful than the standard portable blender. Don't sacrifice power for convenience BlendnGo 2.0+ has it both. Containing 6 stainless steel blades and a 7.4v motor powering a 4,000mAh battery blend everything in seconds including ice!



BlendnGo+ is now 500mls in cup size making it one of the biggest portable blenders available while our unique design means it is still super lightweight and compact making it travel ready. Containing a built in measuring jug in mls and ozs always have the ability to perfect every recipe. 


BlendnGo 2.0+ also contains a water-resistant charging port. Now you can enjoy making cocktails by the pool and not have to worry about any water damage. It also makes it super easy to give your BlendnGo 2.0+ a deep clean. You no longer have to worry about water getting into the charging port. Your BlendnGo 2.0+ will survive any accidental plunges in water but we do not recommend putting the base of your BlendnGo in the dishwasher. 

Fully charge your BlendnGo 2.0+ with any USB outlet. With BlendnGo 2.0+'s dual battery on a full charge you will get 20+ blends. Your Portable Blender will run on a 30 second cycle basis to conserve battery. After 30 seconds your BlendnGo 2.0+ will turn off. If the mixture isn't at the desired consistency after one cycle simply turn it on for a second cycle.

Your BlendnGo+ is designed to be super lightweight to always be adventure ready. It's compact nature means it's bulk free allowing you to effortlessly carry it around. Once your smoothie is ready simply screw off the base and drink from the easy to drink cup. Who doesn't love a fresh smoothie at the beach!



Your BlendnGo 2.0+ can do much more than just make delicious smoothies on the go. Our portable blenders are multi skilled! Make soothing face masks, smooth baby food, sea side margaritas, salad dressings and much more.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for weekly new recipes. @blendngoco

How To Use: 

  • Clean before first use - To remove BPA free sticker soak cup in hot water and dish soap for 10 mins then simply peel and scrub off
  • Charge for 3-5 hours until all lights stay on indicating full charge
  • Start with the liquid
  • Cut ingredients
  • Double click to power on 
  • Shaking your BlendnGo while blending will help achieve better results
  • To clean simply add water and a drop of dish soap, turn on, empty and rinse
  • To give deep clean all parts easily come apart. Every 5-6 uses it is recommended to deep clean your BlendnGo. The seals also come out but always make sure to put the seals back in place securely before blending again.