How To Use Your BlendnGo

The ultimate portable blender 

Clean before you use :

First things first, rinse your BlendnGo. To clean your BlendnGo simply add water, a drop of dish soap, turn on, rinse out again and you are good to go.


 The Ultimate Portable Blender


Charge :

Charge your BlendnGo until fully charged (usually takes 3 hours) with the included USB-C charging lead. Once the light stays constant, your BlendnGo 2.0+ is fully charged. Red flash when blending means your BlendnGo needs to be charged again.


Cordless portable blender. USB-C rechargeable


Blending Ingredients :

BlendnGo+ is extremely powerful and will blend through all ingredients including ice and frozen fruit. When blending tougher ingredients it is recommended to start your BlendnGo upside down to let the blades reach their full RPM. Shake your BlendnGo while blending to achieve best results. 


The most powerful portable blender


Cut Ingredients : 

It is best to cut your ingredients nice and small. This is to avoid chunks of fruit getting stuck under and jamming the blades. 




Never Over fill : 

Do not overfill your BlendnGo. Make sure there is some room left at the top (approximately 1-2 inches).


500mls portable blender


Liquids that are hot : 

BlendnGo Portable Blenders are not suitable for liquids over 70°


Do not place your hands inside the blender : 

Dangerous blade, will cause damage to hands.


Safety Feature : 

The cup of your Portable Blender must be attached and aligned correctly to the base for your BlendnGo to turn on.