About Us

Who founded BlendnGo

BlendnGo was founded in June 2020 by current CEO Cillian O'Malley. Cillian was an athlete in many sports throughout school and college. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was crucial to him in order to maximise his performance and recovery. Cillian used smoothies and protein shakes as a quick way to incorporate extra protein and nutrients into his diet. While studying business in college, and working a part time job, Cillian noticed that there was just one problem. He was limited to just blending at home, with a family sized blender that had to be taken out of the press, put together, plugged in, washed and put away again. Cillian did not have time for this!


The future of blending

The idea sparked in Cillian's head that a compact, cordless, portable blender would be the answer to his problem. He researched the market and although there was a few portable blenders available, none were up to the quality he desired. This is when BlendnGo was born. Cillian developed his own portable blender which was of a desired quality to do the things he needed it to do such as blend frozen fruit, have a long battery life, and most importantly still be affordable. The developed concept was put into production and BlendnGo was born!


Our mission

Our mission is to conveniently help people to live healthier lifestyles. Our portable blenders, and other products help you to do exactly that! Blend everywhere, and anywhere


Why choose BlendnGo?

  • 100% Irish owned
  • All orders shipped from our warehouse in Galway (Fast delivery)
  • All of our products are ethically manufactured
  • We are the future of blending - we are constantly seeking ways to improve our products, most recently we upgraded the blades on our portable blenders making them bigger and stronger. This provides are blenders with more powerful blending, setting us apart from any other portable blenders on the market. We are Ireland's Most Powerful Portable Blender!
  • 100s of 5 star reviews - our word is backed up by our 100s of thousands of customers
  • We are a new and growing business - be apart of our journey, join our community, join the fun!