Our Athletes

We are delighted to have teamed up with some elite athletes who all use their BlendnGo's daily to fuel their body's with essential nutrients to keep them performing at such high levels. 

Simon Zebo 


Simon Zebo


Professional rugby player with Racing 92


It is a great honour for us to have Racing 92 professional rugby player, Simon Zebo, formally of Munster & Ireland using a BlendnGo. Simon is an elite athlete in the sport of rugby.

Constantly busy with training and traveling to and from matches it is a tough task for elite athletes to always have that extra bit of nutrients and protein they need on hand. Simon's BlendnGo gives him the freedom to be able to make drinks full of protein and nutrients while on the go!

We are delighted play a small part in helping Simon maintain his high standards of elite training.

We wish Simon the best of luck for the year ahead.


The Gardiner Brothers


The Gardiner Brothers Professional Irish Dancers With Riverdance


Professional Irish dancers with Riverdance


We were delighted to get brothers Matthew and Mike Gardiner on board with BlendnGo. They are professional Irish dancers with Riverdance and have an unbelievable 5 world titles in Irish dancing between them. 


Matthew and Mike are regularly travelling to shows all over the world while on tour with Riverdance. Their BlendnGo's allow them to always have available a highly nutritious protein drink wherever they are in the world! It is vital for them to be able to refuel their bodies with the nutrients they need after tough training sessions and shows.


Follow them on Instagram @gardinerbrothers to watch there journey and enjoy some amazing videos, they don't disappoint! We hope our Portable Blenders will help them to get those extra few steps in! 


Craig O'Sullivan 


Craig O'Sullivan Online Fitness Coach


Online Transformation Coach & Pro Fitness Model

We are delighted to have such an influential and big character in the fitness industry using our BlendnGo. As a company so focused in this industry and trying to bring healthy highly nutritious drinks to people it was a big honour for us to have Craig involved. 


Craig with his hectic schedule getting all his client work done day in day out which he is so dedicated to often struggles to find the time to get the extra but of nutrients he needs into his body. 


His BlendnGo allows him to avail of a quick and easy protein shake while sitting on his work chair or directly after working out in the Gym.


Great to have you on board Craig!


Tabb Twins


Aoife Tabb & Ciara Tabb - Tabb Twins Fitness

Online Fitness Coaches 


Aoife and Ciara Tabb were two athletes who we really enjoyed having on board using BlendnGo's. Between the two of them they have created an excellent online fitness platform for all of their clients. 


Not only do they provide there clients with great nutritional info and meals they also need to provide themselves with this nutrition. BlendnGo helps them keep there daily macros on track no matter how busy they are!


It was great to have two highly regarded athletes in the fitness industry like Aoife and Ciara involved with us.


Lee Reeves


Lee Reeves Professional Irish Boxer


Professional Boxer


Professional boxer Lee Reeves was the first athlete to use our Portable Blenders. 


We were delighted to get Lee on board with us. He holds a great amateur and professional boxing record and he is only getting started! 


Lee uses his BlendnGo daily to conveniently make post workout shakes. Our Portable Blenders have become an essential part of Lees gear bag. BlendnGo allows him to always be able to get in the nutrition he needs despite his busy lifestyle. 


Lee also does a lot of training abroad in Lanzarote. He loves to bring his BlendnGo so he can always blend up his favourite drinks no matter where he is.


Lee will one day become world champion. We are delighted to have the chance to help him reach his goals by giving him the freedom to always be able to give his body the nutrition it needs.